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In the following posts you will discover how you can create an abundant mindset that will lead you down a fantastic path of discovering your own true purpose.

I believe everyone was put on this earth with a gift. A gift that is unique to every other person in this world. Our mission in life is to reveal that gift to the world. If you can tap into that core passion of yours and unleash yourself from the shackles of conformity, you stand to be well rewarded – physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

Join me on that quest 🙂


posted under Passion | 3 Comments » is a blog website aimed at those interested in personally developing themselves to achieve greater financial freedom enabling them to find their true purpose in life. In this blog you will find personal experiences and ideas from Matt and his own quest for financial freedom.

Matt worked in the theatre industry as a lighting technician for over 15 years. Although the work was satisfying and allowed him to explore his creative talents, Matt was ruled by the need to swap his time for money to survive.

In 2005, Matt quit the theatre industry to educate himself in property investing and personal development. Since then has created his own property networking group that has over 200 members and now invests full time in property and internet marketing.

On his journey from paid employee to entrepreneur, Matt has discovered that personally developing himself and creating a winning mindset was critical to achieving any and all of his dreams and goals.

This blog is dedicated to sharing the pathway to those hopes and dreams.