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You Dont Know How Close You Are


Have you ever been able to get your hands on a crystal ball?

No, me neither and i am not sure that i would want to but my point is nobody can really tell the future. There are plenty of speculators out there but in the end, you just have to back yourself and go with what you know now.

When you set a goal in life, it takes some time for it to come to fruition. Now, patience is not one of my strong points and i have to constantly remind myself that sowing the seeds means you have to wait a while for them to grow; i am not saying you have to forget about,  them on the contrary – its very important for you to continue to take action in achieving your goals

So where am i going with all this? Setting your goal means you have to set a realistic date and then stick by that date. Often we get to within inches of achieving our goal and then give up; this can happen through self sabotage or simply not trusting in your own abilities to achieve your goal by the due date.

Funny things happen at the last minute so never ever give up on your goal. Set a date and push right up to the last minute becaause it is often in the final minutes that the magic happens and we achieve what we thought was impossible.

Whenever i think i am not going to make it i look at this picture on my wall

Never Give up cartoon

Strive to the end my friend 🙂



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Reality is only a concept


Can you remember a really bad moment in your life? We have all had them. Why is it that we can look back on that “bad moment”  and then see it as a high point in your life? How does the worst time of your life  become, in just a few years, the most important part of your personal growth?

Its our perception. Our perception changes over time and its our perception that brings meaning to the event.

I can remember ten years ago when i was hitch hiking through Europe. I was traveling through the North of Italy when a friendly local picked me up and took me closer to my destination (which back then was anywhere). When i got out of the vehicle at the fork in the road i accidentally left my wallet on the floor of his car. I realised this as the guy drove off into the distance never to be see again. At the time i was devastated – i sat down on the side of the road and thought my world had come to an end: i had no money, no credit card and new nobody. At the time it felt like a real low point in my life.

Its funny though because the events that followed were nothing short of amazing. Another fellow picked me up and took me to the next town. He dropped me at a friendly hostel, bought me some dinner and showed me round the town. From that point on i saw the world differently; i saw it as an adventure, a challenge to get from point A to point B without any money.

I arranged to meet some friends in Spain in a couple of weeks where a new credit card would be waiting for me (sent over by my Dad) and a little bit of money to tide me over till i found some work. When i look back on those couple of weeks of struggle with no money and little food i think of nothing but gratitude. I now have a moment in time that i draw strength from every time i think about it.  Why? Becasue it was a real low point and i managed to pull myself out of it and survive.

So my perception at the time of losing my wallet was not my reality, it was only a perception; a perception that has evolved to a positive force that uplifts me whenever i choose to breath life into that thought.

Perceive every event in your life as a positive because given enough time, it will be.


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What Are You Grateful For?


This post is very dear to my heart because i believe that being grateful is the one thing we can do in any given situation to help us rise above what we perceive as a problem in life

Sounds heavy i know  so lets break it down a little. Whenever something doesn’t seem to be going right, the natural reaction is to become annoyed with the situation; but in most situations you can look back on that moment, years down the track and just laugh at the predicament. So really, when things don’t seem to be going right its just a state of change that is occurring and usually for the better.

I had a time in my life when nothing seemed to be the way i wanted it. I was extremely negative about everything that was around me; in fact from the moment i opened my eyes when i woke up, i felt angry with the world and questioned why i deserved such a fate.

This went on for a number of weeks, it might have even been months or years but it didnt fully surface to a point where i was aware of it until something snapped inside my head. Enough was enough and i couldnt stand being in this frame of mind anymore. I had to take some time out – some time out for Matt.

During that time i broke it all down in my head, right back to basics, my own basic needs of survival. Once everything was stripped away i had clarity and the one thought that occupied my mind the most was to be grateful for what i had. I started running through the things in my head that i was grateful for; starting with breath, then onto food & drink, a roof over my head, a beautiful country to live in and so on… Slowly i worked my way up to being grateful for my family, my loved ones beside me and the ones that have passed that leave an everlasting impression on me. In the end i came to the conclusion that my life was pretty good!

My point is it all came from stripping it all back to basics and being grateful for every single thing I have in my life – even the so called “problems”  because without them I would learn nothing and never appreciate the amazing stuff i have right in front of me.

Here is a great habit to get into: wake up every morning, sit on the bed for a minute and think of 3 things you are grateful for – its an awesome way to start the day 🙂



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Your Energy Affects Everything


Have you ever had your house on the market?

I know anyone that has will agree with me in saying that it is not much fun! The constant cleaning, mowing, hiding all your personal unsightly debris that is often left lying around; not to mention the consistent interruptions of people wanting to cast their eye over their potential new home.

Well we have our house on the market at the moment and eagerly awaiting the right person to come along and buy it so we can start our new phase in life in our new house.  It has been a month since we first revealed our home to prospective buyers and i am starting to get impatient. I was starting to feel like no-one will buy it and it wasn’t good enough or its overpriced – these sorts of mind games.

Then i spoke to a good friend of mine who simply asked, “Whats the energy like in your house?” I replied that it was pretty flat because we are anxious to move and my wife was working overseas so the balance was all askew; then it dawned on me what my friend was trying to tell me: people are picking up on my energy!

I am moping around the house, missing my wife, in a constant tizzy cleaning every nook and cranny every five minutes and panicking that we wont sell the damn thing before Christmas! People are coming into this space and picking up on the negative vibe. Whether you are in touch with your spiritual side or not, there is a definite energy that people either attract or repel and the past few weeks i have been repelling!

As soon as i had that awareness, i changed my attitude immediately. I started to feel more grateful that we actually have a house to live in and have this wonderful life ahead of us if i can just be patient.

Now i only just had this realisation so the house is obviously still on the market but i feel a lot more calmer about the situation and actually feel more confident that the house will sell at the exact right time to the exact right person.

We have everything we need in life right now so be grateful for what you have and remember to keep the positive energy up – you never know who is picking up on it 🙂

I will keep you posted on the sale!



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