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Miracle In The Making


We just had the 19 week scan of Marisa’s tummy and wow what a spin out!

Technology is an amazing thing – it gets into every single industry so we can all benefit. To slop a bit of goo on your skin and run what looks like a barcode scanner over your tummy so that you can see a living breathing human inside is pretty awesome.

The thing that amazed me most was the development of the baby’s spine… it was perfect. Seeing every vertebrae magically interlocking into each other was phenomenal.

The 4 chambers of the heart pulsing away beautifully, both sides of the brain forming exactly as it should, every finger and toe in perfect alignment.  Sometimes i feel pretty chuffed with myself when i manage to change the oil in my car but seeing this little miracle transforming into a little person just blows me away.

We are over the half way mark now and just cant wait to meet our new member of the family, picking names is the next big task to think about.

Its a pretty special time right now and we are enjoying every minute. A friend of mine gave me some nice advice today since his baby daughter was born not long ago… he said, “dont listen to any of the negative stuff people say: things like, you dont get any sleep once the baby is born  and your life changes forever and say goodbye to those quiet nights at home. Ignore that stuff because what I have found is the bad stuff is half of what I expected and the good stuff is ten times better than I expected”

Bring on the good times!

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Can You Feel It Kicking?


Today i want to share with you a moment my wife, Marisa and I and our unborn child had last night.

It was late in the evening and Marisa was already in bed and I jumped in to join her; as i lay down I brushed my foot against hers and she threw the covers back and said, “I can feel something!” Feeling exhausted from the day i simply said, “That’s my foot”.

She said again, “No i can feel something!”

At this point i thought there was a snake in the bed and I repeated, “I know, its my foot on your foot!” Marisa grabbed my hand and put it on her belly and said, “Its the baby!”

Feeling pretty stupid but excited i sat up in bed and looked at her belly in anticipation; we waited for it to happen again. I put my head on her belly listening for something and trying to communicate hoping we would get a response.

Again Marisa had a little tap tap on her belly! I couldnt actually feel it because she has just gone 17 weeks so its very small but it was amazing to have the first sign of life. It was like the baby was introducing itself to us for the first time.

We took photos and made notes in the diary so we could remember what happened the first time our baby made a physical connection with us, it was pretty special.

Being a  male I don’t get to experience the whole pregnancy physically and because of this its easy to forget what is actually happening in Marisa’s tummy. Every day she wakes up and puts her hand on her belly knowing that a little person is growing inside her. For me, its not so obvious so when a physical movement presents itself it brings it all into reality.

Marisa has been really sick for the whole 17 weeks and the morning after the kicking from the baby, she woke up feeling great! She didn’t feel nauseous anymore and the fatigue seemed to have disappeared, just like that.

It was as if the baby woke up and said, “Oh hi guys, i just worked out what’s happening in here, i am a human growing in your belly so you don’t have to be sick anymore…. its all good, see you in 5 months”

Going through this experience for the first time brings up an array of emotions and they come up without notice. Joy at what is coming into our lives, fear that everything is going to be ok, anticipation for what to expect, love for each other and the gift we are being given, worry that we will be able to cope.

In the end i think it all comes down to trust. Trust in each other that we will be awesome parents and that the universe will make everything as it should be.

Its a good feeling when you take away all the fear of the unknown and just go with the flow and enjoy the ride. Life is a gift, a gift to be treasured, especially when we are given the gift of another life.

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We Are Only Human


I know we all have the best intentions to be grateful, be positive and make the most of every minute we have  here on planet Earth. Life often serves up some curve balls though and i know as well as you that its not always easy to be happy with everything in our lives….. and that’s ok.

We are only human and being human is a fascinating experience and more of often than not, its a challenge. The best way i have seen it described is by Scott Brandon Hoffman in his website This guy is a classic! Often referred to as the mad spiritual guy, his take on life is beautiful and full of comedy.

Anyway, as humans we often allow small disappointments to go unchecked and often that can turn into a bad mood. I will be the first one to admit that there are times where i am not always the happiest person to be around.

The cool thing is we have the power to change the way we are feeling simply by becoming aware of it. This takes practice but the more we live in the present, the more we become in touch with who we are and why we react in certain ways.

If you find yourself disappointed or upset, its important to become aware of it quickly before it spirals into a vicious cycle of despair, sadness and sometimes anger.

Here are a few ways you can shift your mood from down to up:

•    Move – literally. Moving physically helps us shift psychologically. Get up and get out – go for a walk, play with the dog, dance ridiculously to a silly song or even just stand up, shake it all out and do some star jumps.
•    Clean up your head – make a conscious decision to stop thinking negatively. Avoid words like should, try and but – they make room for the negative to creep in. Focus on viewing everything in a positive light – find the silver lining.
•    Watch how you carry yourself. Happy people stand taller, take bigger steps and walk faster. Put your shoulders back, hold your head high and smile.
•    Focus on what you DO want – not what you don’t. Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, there is no need to allow for a negative outcome. Let the universe know what you do want.
•    Avoid people who sap your energy. We all know someone like this – time with them leaves us depleted. Surround yourself with people who leave you refreshed and revitalised.

Next time you are feeling a little overwhelmed, have a go at the techniques above; it will  help you nip a bad mood in the bud – leaving you free to enjoy your day the way you intended it!



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The Secret To Achieving Your Goals


Hi everyone

About a year ago i put together a dream board. Now if you haven’t used a dream board before then in essence, it is something like a pinboard where you place pictures of all the things you would like to bring into reality. That all sounds lovely and positive but its not as easy as just cutting out a few pictures and putting them on your wall.

There are a few parameters that you must adhere to:

1. Spend some quality time each day for a couple of weeks looking for pictures that resemble what you would like – don’t hold back, if you want it cut it out and put it aside for now. They can be a picture of anything – don’t limit yourself, its important to choose things that bring up positive emotion when you see these images. Focus on what makes you happy not what others think will make you happy

2. Cut out some photos of yourself and your loved ones. They could be photos of family or friends, just as long as they are people that you love and you want to associate them with your goals and dreams.

3. Go and buy a good size piece of corflute or pinboard that is about 700mm x 500mm Most Officeworks kind of places have them for about $10. I buy the green ones since this color enhances your imagination – the most powerful asset you have – more on this in another post 🙂

4. Allocate a couple of hours in your favorite chill out area and go through all the pictures and photos that you prepared. Arrange them in whatever fashion that you like and glue or pin them to your dream board. Ensure that the pictures of your loved ones are there with your goals

5. Once this is done stand back and take a look at all of those awesome pictures you have put together and start to evoke the feelings in you that made you choose them in the first place.

6. This is the most important part: spend 15 mins every day looking at your dream board and associating a lot of positive emotion while looking at it.  Do this for 45 days in a row. If you miss a day start again.  I know that is tough but it is important to commit.

Remember to not make this a chore; enjoy the process. If you associate any negativity with it then the dream board wont work.

This might all sound a little airy fairy and in no way does it replace setting your goals and taking action on every one of them. By building the dream board you set your mind on a path and once your subconscious locks onto that path it wont let it go until you get there. That’s why its important to put pictures of yourself with loved ones on it so when you reach your goal everyone is there (including you) to enjoy the moment!

Let me say i was a little skeptical when i was told about this strategy but i can tell you now that exactly one year after creating the board i moved into my dream house, exactly as it is on the dream board.

Check it out for yourself – its a little hard to see but in the first image at the top left of the dream board is my dream house set in a rainforest that is 15mins to the beach. In the second image is the actual house that is literally set on 1.5 acres of rainforest and 15mins to the beach!

Enjoy making your dream board and dont hold back. You have all the resources, knowledge and ability to create whatever you want right now 🙂

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What Are You Grateful For?


This post is very dear to my heart because i believe that being grateful is the one thing we can do in any given situation to help us rise above what we perceive as a problem in life

Sounds heavy i know  so lets break it down a little. Whenever something doesn’t seem to be going right, the natural reaction is to become annoyed with the situation; but in most situations you can look back on that moment, years down the track and just laugh at the predicament. So really, when things don’t seem to be going right its just a state of change that is occurring and usually for the better.

I had a time in my life when nothing seemed to be the way i wanted it. I was extremely negative about everything that was around me; in fact from the moment i opened my eyes when i woke up, i felt angry with the world and questioned why i deserved such a fate.

This went on for a number of weeks, it might have even been months or years but it didnt fully surface to a point where i was aware of it until something snapped inside my head. Enough was enough and i couldnt stand being in this frame of mind anymore. I had to take some time out – some time out for Matt.

During that time i broke it all down in my head, right back to basics, my own basic needs of survival. Once everything was stripped away i had clarity and the one thought that occupied my mind the most was to be grateful for what i had. I started running through the things in my head that i was grateful for; starting with breath, then onto food & drink, a roof over my head, a beautiful country to live in and so on… Slowly i worked my way up to being grateful for my family, my loved ones beside me and the ones that have passed that leave an everlasting impression on me. In the end i came to the conclusion that my life was pretty good!

My point is it all came from stripping it all back to basics and being grateful for every single thing I have in my life – even the so called “problems”  because without them I would learn nothing and never appreciate the amazing stuff i have right in front of me.

Here is a great habit to get into: wake up every morning, sit on the bed for a minute and think of 3 things you are grateful for – its an awesome way to start the day 🙂



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Welcome to

In the following posts you will discover how you can create an abundant mindset that will lead you down a fantastic path of discovering your own true purpose.

I believe everyone was put on this earth with a gift. A gift that is unique to every other person in this world. Our mission in life is to reveal that gift to the world. If you can tap into that core passion of yours and unleash yourself from the shackles of conformity, you stand to be well rewarded – physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

Join me on that quest 🙂


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Matt worked in the theatre industry as a lighting technician for over 15 years. Although the work was satisfying and allowed him to explore his creative talents, Matt was ruled by the need to swap his time for money to survive.

In 2005, Matt quit the theatre industry to educate himself in property investing and personal development. Since then has created his own property networking group that has over 200 members and now invests full time in property and internet marketing.

On his journey from paid employee to entrepreneur, Matt has discovered that personally developing himself and creating a winning mindset was critical to achieving any and all of his dreams and goals.

This blog is dedicated to sharing the pathway to those hopes and dreams.