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Just Trust


I am known to be a bit of a worrier – i admit it! Its not one of my best traits but it is something i am aware of and consistently try to combat it.

Worrying, I believe is simply fear of what may or may not happen and it is a proven fact that 90% of the things we fear don’t actually happen! So why do we bother?

Well there are so many unknowns to us humans and we cant begin to fathom the uncertainties before us. These uncertainties make us uncomfortable so we begin to fear what may or may not happen.

For instance, when i am in the ocean having a swim by myself i often fear that i will be eaten alive by a shark. I have a pretty vivid imagination and its not long before i start visualizing two rows of razor sharp teeth in my face as i pop up from under a wave. Its not long before i start making my way back to dry land.

The funny thing is you are about 15000 times more likely to be in a car accident than becoming a shark’s dinner. Yet every day we jump in the car without a thought as to what may happen on the road.

So how do we move through this unjustified fear. Well in my experience i use this method:

Whenever i am fearful of taking the next step or moving into an uncomforatble experience, i take a deep breath and say “put the thoughts in my head and the words in my mouth” This immediately takes away the fear and helps me to relax into the situation.

I am trusting the universe and just allowing things to happen as they should. I cant change them so why force nature? Everything is perfect as it is and there is a positive reason for everything that happens.

So next time you are putting off the inevitable, just trust that everything will be as it should be.

Try it next time you are in bed about to fall asleep; take a deep breath and ask for the answer to a question you are searching for and then trust that you will come up with it.

Just trust šŸ™‚

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Who Inspires You?


My late Grandma used to say, show me your friends and the people you hang around with and i will show you who you are. At the time it didn’t make a lot of sense to me as a 14 year old lad but these days that saying is clear as a bell.

The people you associate with is a massive factor in all that you do. Thats why its so important to be with like minded people that inspire, challenge and motivate you.

If you are not striving to succeed at a higher level than you are now then that is where you will stay… and that’s ok if that is where you want to be. For most people though, deep down, we all want to be better at what we do, we want to advanceĀ  and grow otherwise life can get stagnant and boring.

Someone that i have always looked up to is my late Grandfather, affectionately known in our family as Pupaye.Ā  Pupaye died many years ago when i was in my teens but i still remember the things he said to me and the older i get the more meaning those things have to me.

Pupaye was a wise, experienced, selfless family man with an unwavering self belief. He was an engineer, a toolmaker and would always be building things with his hands or creating better systems to simplify a task. His hands were strong yet delicate, he had wrinkles near his eyes from smiling and would whistle while he worked, with a permanent grin on his face.

If i ever struggle with something i know i can always think of him and ask for a bit of guidance and sure enough the thoughts come into my head and the words put in my mouth. Its very comforting to know he is there.

We all look up to someone in life; whether its a big brother, our parents, a sportsperson, an ex-president… anyone!

Who inspires you?

Here is an old picture of my Pupaye in his engineering days. You can see the permanent grin on his face even then!

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The ANZAC Legacy


We just finished our ANZAC day long weekend here in Australia. The 25th April marks the day Australian and New Zealand troops landed on Gallipoli. In Australia, its a time of remembrance, a time for us all to be grateful for the sacrifices made by service men and women that fought for us at war.

I have never understood the concept of war. However I have always respected and felt a sense of pride whenever i saw the diggers march down the main street every year to bring awareness and help usĀ  commemorate and reflect on the many different meanings of war.

We live in a pretty lucky country and its easy to forget how lucky we really are. There are no bullets flying over our head, we have no starvation and everyone can generally live a “good” life.

The problem with a good life is that we can become complacent. Having a good life handed to you can often lead to taking what you have for granted, which is why i am a big believer in consistently asking yourself the question, “what am I grateful for today?”

A wise person once told me that a good life can often be the enemy of a great life. With a good life we are happy enough to go along with whatever happens, taking things as they come and not necessarily taking any steps to improving our situation.

The truth is you can have so much more in life – you can have a great life! Its my belief that we should be striving for a great life because we have been given the gift of life in the first place. I would go so far as to say that it is our obligation to search for our special gifts that we have been given so that we can share them with the world.

By personally developing yourself you become acutely aware of what your purpose is in life and your purpose, i believe is the gift you leave behind, its your contribution to making the world a better place.

Watching the ANZAC parade last weekend i began to realise the legacy these people had left behind. Its not something they chose but they have the honour of bestowing their gift on all of us.

Choose to strive to be the best version of yourself that you can be and know that you can have a great life!

I found this music video by a classic Australian band, Redgum. Singer songwriter, John Schumann manages to capture the spirit of the ANZAC with hisĀ  stirring lyrics in “I was only 19” . Have a listen and while you watch the images have a think about what you want to do with your life and what legacy you would leave behind


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Do You Have A Birds Eye View Of Your Life?


Have you ever been to a football game and watched what happens at half time? In most sports, the team gathers around in a circle and the coach stands in the middle motivating the team for the next half. The coach has the birds eye view perspective over the game and can provide critical input on what is happening in the match –Ā  specifically pointing out what went wrong and what needs to be achieved to overcome the other team.

Its fascinating to watch the transformation in the team after the coach has passed on their words of wisdom and motivation.

Now transfer this method of thinking to your own life. Have you got someone overlooking your life path and commenting on what can be done to improve your game?

Its called having a life coach. The term has been around for a while now and up until about 18 months ago i thought it was just a hyped up business model designed for high end corporate executives to power up their efficiencies in their work life.

They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears and this was certainly the case with me. Like a lot of people i had a lot of emotional struggles and was finding it hard to see the forest from the trees.

I decided to explore the opportunity of having a life coach. Like most things as soon as i started looking, i was provided with the answer.

An amazing person came into my life by the name of Jill Mcintyre. Jill is one of those people that has discovered their purpose in life. She has a genuine gift in being able to help others succeed in everything they do by having the birds eye perspective. Jill is able to peel back the onion and explore every layer in your life and help you discover and define your habits, traits and why you live your life the way you do.

For me it meant taking control of my life again and pointing it in the direction i wanted it to travel. Just being aware of where our beliefs come from and having the tools and understanding to be able to change the way we think is incredibly empowering.

We all have fears and reservations about many things in life; it takes courage and determination to be able to address and explore those fears and by doing so you are opening yourself up to a wealth of opportunities.

I don’t usually promote others on this blog but i feel it would be doing a disservice by not sharing this person’s wonderful talents with others. Having Jill in my life has brought about some incredible changes in the way i think, the way i do and the results i have been achieving.

Having someone over my shoulder encouraging me, supporting me and guiding me gives me the edge in everything i do. Every time i speak with Jill its like the half time break at a footy match. She has a birds eye view and just at the right time i get the perspective i need to help me soar like an eagle.

Its important that we all strive to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. To do this requires the support of others . Life is not a dress rehearsal so make the most with the time you have by utilizing the tools and resources that come into your life.

If you would like a free personality profile done by Jill, click on this link and explore the possibilities! Personality Profile

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A New Addition


Last week’s blogpost was all about the importance of family and how precious our loved ones are to us and how frightening it is when we experience the possibility of losing one. Well this week its the flip side…. this week i get to tell you about an addition to our family!

Yep my lovely wife is 14 weeks pregnant and we will be granted the gift of a new member in our family in October!

Its our first so we have some pretty special times ahead and i cant wait to experience them. So don’t be surprised if my blogs start taking a twist revealing some insights to my experiences in becoming a Dad. I am sure there will be plenty of lessons to be learned and i look forward to sharing them with you.

Lesson one has just been to enjoy the moment and start to take it all in. We have known for a couple of months now but i still wake up in the morning and feel enormous gratitude and am in constant awe at what we are creating together.

It really brings home what is importantĀ  and forced me to look at how i prioritise my life. Everything slips away into insignificance when you have something of this magnitude come into your life. In the end, nothing else matters so it really feels good to have this perspective on what is important.

What is important in your life? What is it that makes you get up in the morning and keep you focused on only the things that are special in your life?

This scan is from 11 and a half weeks and we have nicknamed the baby LBD for now which stands for Little Break Dancer. The moves it was pulling off in this scan were amazing! Must have got its Mum’s dancing skills šŸ™‚

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Is Fear Producing Your Reality?


Following on from last weeks post, surrounding yourself with a stadium of supporters i thought i would share an experience i had yesterday that really rammed home how important not just our supporters are but how important the ones closest to us are as well.

Have you ever lost your child in a shopping centre or even lost sight of them for a split second in a crowded area?

Yesterday we were having a lovely day enjoying a bbq out the back of Mum’s house by the river. It was dark and we all had a few drinks and really enjoying the spirit of the night.

Everything changed in an instant though when someone noticed Luke, our youngest member of the clan was missing. Luke is 2 and a half years old and just at the age of wanting to explore everything in sight.

His Mum just popped up the shops briefly and entrusted us to keep an eye on him while she was gone. It only took a few minutes of conversation before we had the realisation he was gone and we all feared the worst.

Everyone swung in to action mode, grabbing torches, running around the complex, knocking on doors, calling out Luke’s name. It was a sickly feeling walking along the river bank with a torch, fearing the worst and hoping he was somehow asleep in his bed upstairs.

It was a good 10 minutes before we got the phone call that little Luke was actually with his Mum at the shops; she made a last minute decision to take him along with her.

The collective sigh of relief filled the air as we stood there contemplating what could have been. For the past 10 minutes we were in a state of panic – inconsolable until we knew what had happened.

When things calmed down i stepped out and looked back at the situation.

It made me realise how vulnerable we are when we let our fears take over our thoughts. Isn’t it interesting to see how our mind copes with different situations. All of us were white with fear of the possibilities and allowed the myriad of worst case scenarios to control our thoughts. Panic was well and truly set in and we would have done anything to know that our Luke was safe.

Thankfully everything turned out fine but there were a few lessons we all took away that night:

* Treasure your loved ones, they are all that matter in life

* Don’t let your fears overpower your thoughts

* When in a state of panic you are at your least effective

These fears are often nothing more than figments of our imagination; quite simply, our mind is producing the chemicals in our bodies to deal with any given situation.

Fear is a primal emotion and has its place in our lives. Its important though, to keep things in context when fear sets in. I often ask myself a question when i am feeling a superficial fear that is holding me back from stepping outside my comfort zone. I simply ask, “Am i safe?” This brings home what is real in my life right now. The answer is always yes and that thought patten ensures my perception of the event does not become my reality.

Put simply my fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Have you had an experience where your mind produced so much fear you could not thinkĀ  straight? I would love to hear your story.



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Do Your Beliefs Serve You Anymore?


“Give me a lever long enough and i will shall move the world” Archimedes

One of my weaknesses is the fact that i am a hard worker. Weakness you say? Isn’t that a good thing? Well its great to have a good work ethic and work hard to achieve your goals but its another thing to work smart. Working smart means making the best use of your time through leverage. Leverage of your time, leverage of your money and leverage of your skill and expertise.

I am a full time property investor and part of that entails renovating houses. This weekĀ  i spent a lot of my time demolishing walls, tiling floors and running cable…. that sort of thing.

I was in there pulling out nails from the existing beams in the house and suddenly realised how poorly i was using my time. Although i love working with my hands, carpentry is not my expertise so why was i busting my back doing something i could have paid an expert for?

I stopped and had a coffee to think about it and after a little contemplation i realised i was working hard and not smart. You see, beliefs get built into us as children by our parents and teachers – some useful and some not so useful. Working hard is an outdated belief and one that had to change because it just doesn’t serve me anymore.

Changing a belief doesn’t have to be a momentous occasion; its not about blaming whoever instilled the belief in you its just a case of taking responsibility to change it.

So when you come across a habit or a belief system that is not working for you simply take a minute and say something like this to yourself: “Thank you for supporting me with having this belief and it no longer serves me anymore and I am now choosing to move on and live my life without it.” Simple as that.

So i have changed that belief system and have decided that this will be the last time i do any physical work on a renovation. From now on i will be leveraging that portion of the project to one of my team so that i can focus on the things i am good at.

Try it out on some of your old belief systems that you have been carrying around all your life that no longer serve you.

Here is another example: Say you drink too much coffee and you know it is bad to drink more than a few cups a day. Your belief system probably sounds like this, “I cant do anything productive until i have my cup of coffee”.

So if that doesn’t serve you or your body, then change the belief to “I love to drink coffee on occasion and my motivation and enthusiasm comes from my healthy diet and drinking plenty of water”

Coupling a change in belief with a bit of leverage willĀ  really change your lifeĀ  – and all it took was a slight twist in your thinking. I would love to hear from you so let me know something that is not serving you anymore and what you can do to replace that belief



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Go with the flow


I was down the beach having a swim yesterday morning. It was a glorious day with the sun rising over the water and kissing my skin with warmth; the water was a pleasant 23 degrees Celsius and i was drifting over the glassy swell and body surfing the waves to the shore.

While i was waiting for the next set to arrive, i stood there alone in the water looking out to the horizon and felt the undertow subtly dragging me out. It was an eerie feeling and i was careful to not let it take me away.

Then and stopped and became aware of my thought patterns. Why was iĀ  determined not to let the current pull me out? Why was i digging my heels into the sand and resisting its natural flow? The sea was very calm at that time and there was no reason to fear the power of its pull. I was in no danger as I knew my surroundings and the ocean was in perfect harmony with my body.

I related it to how we sometimes react in life. We tend to think we have some ability to control what is happening around us and in essence we really don’t. We can set goals, make appointments , beat dead lines till the cows come home but in the end we don’t control anything.

That’s why it is so important to go with the flow. Now I’m not talking about kicking back on the couch all day watching sport – that’s not going with the flow, that’s giving up on the flow.

You still need to put in the effort to achieve your goals but once you have done all you can do, let it go. Its called the set it and forget it method. Put the goal, dream or intention out there, strive to achieve it but know when to stop and just have the belief that everything will work out as it needs to.

So as i thought through this concept while waiting for the next wave to come through i released my contorted toes from their grip on the sand beneath me; i took a deep breath and let the power of the water take me. The ocean gently picked me up and moved me to the trough of the next breaking wave where i was able to effortlessly climb aboard and surf it to the shore – brilliant!

I picked myself up off the sand, turned and thanked the ocean for its lesson on life and went back to my car and drove home with a smile on my face šŸ™‚

When you travel on your path to greatness, always respect the power of the ocean and always respect the flow of the universe. Trust in its intention and go with the flow.

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Take Responsibility


Sometimes it seems like the world is against us; nothing is going right and you feel like giving up.

This is the point we need to remember that everything we do in life comes about from our own actions – and I do mean everything! This is why it is so important to recognise that everything we do happens because of what we have done in the past.

Even the things that happen that are not directly related to us, are in some way derived from our own actions because we live in a world where everything is connected – which is why it is so important to be producing a positive energy – but thats for another post šŸ™‚

My point is for us to understand why things happen to us – good and bad, we must first take responsibility for everything that comes into our lives. By doing this in a non judgmental way we take away any blame that is being projected.

Once we remove any blame we take back the control to live our lives as we wish; this i believe is true freedom and it all starts with taking responsibility.



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Do It Now


Procrastination……… everyone does it.

With all our best intentions, procrastination is something we all have to battle with at some stage.Ā  I have read so many cures and prophecies on how best to deal with this little gremlin that rears its ugly head at the time we most need to take action: time management tools, schedules, planners, motivation techniques – i have seen them all!

Do you know what it comes down to? Its the old Nike slogan: Just do it – in fact my version of this is Do It Now!

There is nothing quite as satisfying as getting a task done that has been hanging over my head so why wait to feel that satisfaction? Sounds simple i know but all it takes is a few contemplative moments alone to tap into that feeling you know you can give yourself .

As i write this i am sitting amongst a stack of unpacked boxes from our move to our new house a few days ago. The task of putting everything in its new place is daunting so today i will be taking my own advice: Do it Now!

I am looking forward to the feeling i have at the end of the day when i look around and bask in the satisfaction of completing the task and i cant wait!!



“Nothing is as fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.” William James

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