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What Are You Grateful For?


This post is very dear to my heart because i believe that being grateful is the one thing we can do in any given situation to help us rise above what we perceive as a problem in life

Sounds heavy i know  so lets break it down a little. Whenever something doesn’t seem to be going right, the natural reaction is to become annoyed with the situation; but in most situations you can look back on that moment, years down the track and just laugh at the predicament. So really, when things don’t seem to be going right its just a state of change that is occurring and usually for the better.

I had a time in my life when nothing seemed to be the way i wanted it. I was extremely negative about everything that was around me; in fact from the moment i opened my eyes when i woke up, i felt angry with the world and questioned why i deserved such a fate.

This went on for a number of weeks, it might have even been months or years but it didnt fully surface to a point where i was aware of it until something snapped inside my head. Enough was enough and i couldnt stand being in this frame of mind anymore. I had to take some time out – some time out for Matt.

During that time i broke it all down in my head, right back to basics, my own basic needs of survival. Once everything was stripped away i had clarity and the one thought that occupied my mind the most was to be grateful for what i had. I started running through the things in my head that i was grateful for; starting with breath, then onto food & drink, a roof over my head, a beautiful country to live in and so on… Slowly i worked my way up to being grateful for my family, my loved ones beside me and the ones that have passed that leave an everlasting impression on me. In the end i came to the conclusion that my life was pretty good!

My point is it all came from stripping it all back to basics and being grateful for every single thing I have in my life – even the so called “problems”  because without them I would learn nothing and never appreciate the amazing stuff i have right in front of me.

Here is a great habit to get into: wake up every morning, sit on the bed for a minute and think of 3 things you are grateful for – its an awesome way to start the day 🙂



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“What Are You Grateful For?”

  1. Avatar November 14th, 2009 at 3:37 pm Jenny Says:

    I am eternally grateful for my adult children, their partners and children. They support me in every way. They unconditionally love me for myself. Spending any amount of time in their presence fills me with energy and recharges my spirit. My adult children generously ignore my failings as a parent or a person for that matter. Instead they acknowledge my achievements. My heart sings when they relate happy childhood memories. I am grateful for lots of things in my life and my children and their families are the cornerstone of a life I am extremely grateful for.

  2. Avatar November 20th, 2009 at 8:23 am Kathy Helen Pike Says:

    I am reminded of a quote. Today is a GIFT. That is why they call it the PRESENT. Look on each day in a positive way.

  3. Avatar December 13th, 2009 at 11:50 am Eric Goldstein Says:

    Hey Matt,

    Great stuff here. When we realize that
    how we feel in each moment is our point
    of attraction… we will want to spend more
    and more time in appreciation!

    Thanks for the rockin’ post:)

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